Day 15: Relaxing in Las Vegas
Friday, July 17th, 2009
Reaching Las Vegas marked the end of the second leg of our cross-country trip. 
Spending an entire week in the desert and National Parks of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico was an overwhelming and truly awesome (in the true sense of this overused word) experience, which reached in several occasion the levels of a mystical experience, close to what some people probably have when they visit a cathedral or a temple.
The plan was to stop in Vegas for a couple of nights, enjoying the luxury of the Venetian hotel. 
We had also bought tickets for The Phantom of the Opera, the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which was a very unique and enjoyable experience for both of us.
Since the temperature outside was record high, we spent almost the entire day inside the hotel, which offers everything one can think of, from a replica of some of the most iconic places in Venice, including the canal, to dozens of bars, restaurants, art galleries, stores and, of course, a huge casino.
During the day, we treated ourselves to some of the best food available, enjoyed a delicious cup of authentic Illy espresso, played at the slot machines, browsed the stores, walked around the hotel, inside and outside, and truly enjoyed the luxurious comfort of our amazing suite, from which we had a stunning view of the beautiful pool of the hotel.
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