My journey into photography.
My love for photography goes back to when, still a kid, I started messing around with my father’s old Russian rangefinder and then, several years later, as a teenager, with my first film reflex, a used Minolta X-300. I still have several boxes filled with negatives and prints of some of the best shots taken with those cameras, mostly shot on the bold Kodak Gold 1000 or on the grainy T-Max 3200, two of my favorite.
It was when I moved to the US, to study Computer Science at the State University of New York, that I switched to digital photography. This transition allowed me to learn faster and become a better photographer. After playing around a few years with a small 3MP SONY F505V digital camera during my years in college, I celebrated my first pay-check buying myself my first digital reflex (DSLR), the amazing full frame Canon 5D. It was the beginning of a long journey into the world of photography, learning off-camera lighting, digital darkroom post-processing, as well as exploring different kinds of photography.
More than anything, this long journey left me with some dear memories, which I would like to revisit here with you.
Best New Photoblog
Hard to believe, but over ten years ago there was no Instagram yet. Photographers shared their work on Flickr, and photoblogs were very popular. By then, this website had already changed look and form many times, eventually turning into a photoblog, with new photographs added every day. 
In 2009 this website was finalist for the Best New Photoblog award from Photoblog Awards.
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