Once my wife and I moved to Italy and settled down, we wanted our friends Lori and Tony, to come and visit us with their kids. I had planned for them to spend a few days on their own in Venice and Florence, and then come and stay a few days with us in my hometown. 
What they didn't know was that, before coming to our place, I wanted to surprise them with a memorable weekend in Tuscany, to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and so, after some research, I found a beautiful B&B in the hills near S.Quirico d'Orcia, south of the city of Siena. The place is run by a gentleman and his family, who lived there all life long, and it is located in the best spot to enjoy the view of Chapel Vitaleta and of the surrounding hills. 
On paper, it sounded like a wonderful place to stay, but, just to be 100% sure that this was going to be the perfect place to celebrate Lori's and Tony's wedding anniversary, I decided to visit the area first, a perfect opportunity to spend a couple of days with my friend Jeff while taking pictures of the serene and timeless beauty of a land worldwide renowned for the beauty of its colors.
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