Sowing to planting: 6 weeks / Spacing: 20 cm
germination: 3-4 days

Lettuce seedlings - 5 days after sowing

Lettuce seedlings - 20 days old, ready to be pricked

Lettuce seedlings - 40 days old, ready to be planted outdoors

Sowing indoors: Feb 1 / Mar 15 / May 1
When sowing use a very small tray with lots of vermiculite or perlite (30-50%) to help avoiding root rots. One week later it's time to prick them out into a module tray with compost. When planting them in the module tray, bury them as deep as you can and this will make the plants stronger and with a better root system. 
Planting outdoors (under MESH): Mar 15 / May 1 / Jun 15
Plant the seedlings outdoors when they are 6 weeks old, not earlier. When planting outdoors, water the soil well before making the holes so that it is fully moist instead of dried and powdery. Start picking the outer leaves every week 2-3 weeks after planting outdoors.
BINGENHEIMER: Italian: Lollo rossa / Batavia: Saragossa / Oak leaf: Bijella / Cos: Valmaine​​​​​​​
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