Day 4: Haru's Flowers
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
It was a raining when we arrived at Yasuko's grandmother's house. During our trip, we visited grandma Haru's house a few times with Yasuko and the rest of the family. I couldn't speak to her since I don't know any Japanese, but I remember her as a very sweet lady, who loved gardening and art more than anyone else I have ever met before. 
She had this amazing green house as big as her own house, if not even bigger, filled with hundreds of beautiful orchids and many other kind of flowers.
Even though she was already in her nineties, she was a very strong and healthy business woman until just few days before she passed away, in the summer of 2009. 
I will always remember her smile, her beautiful house, and her amazing flowers.
We spent most of the day there and had lunch together at her house.
For dinner, the plan was to meet with Yumi, one of Yasuko's best friends, and go out to eat a typical dish from Nagoya, miso-nikomi udon at 山本屋
Miso-nikomi is a delicious udon dish, perfect to warm you up on a cold winter night, with udon noodles simmered in red miso soup. 
The soup contains chicken, a floating cracked raw egg, vegetables and tubers.
After dinner, we drove to a patisserie where we enjoyed a slice of cake, and a cappuccino, while Yumi and Yasuko took some time to catch up.
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