Sowing to planting: 6 weeks / Spacing: 15 cm

Dill seedlings - 20 days old

Dill seedlings - 45 days old, just transplanted outdoors

Sowing indoors: Jan 22 / Mar 15
Sow in small trays in very well watered compost to have enough moisture for germination without the need to water again for a few days - this is to avoid overwatering during germination. Just a little bit of compost on top after sowing and a final sprinkle. Keep in a warm place.
Two weeks later prick them out and put them very deep in module trays.
Planting outdoors: Mar 1 / May 1
Harvesting is done by picking the outer leaves.
BINGENHEIMER: Tetra DillKoriander K31​​​​​​​
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