Bok Choy
Sowing to planting: 4-5 weeks / Spacing: 15 cm

Bok choy seedlings - 10 days old, already showing their first true leaves. This picture was taken before pricking out the best from each module and planting it back deeper for a stronger plant

Bok choy seedlings - 25 days old, ready to be planted outdoors

Sowing indoors: Feb 1/ Mar 1 / Jul 1
When sowing use a very small tray with lots of vermiculite or perlite (30-50%) to help avoiding root rots. One week later it's time to prick them out into a module tray with compost. When planting them in the module tray, bury them as deep as you can and this will make the plants stronger. 
Planting outdoors (under mesh): Mar 1 / Apr 1 / Aug 1
Bok choy needs consistent watering, especially in the fall. Drought can cause it to bolt to seed.
Kings Seeds: Joy Choi
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