Sowing to FIRST HARVEST: 10 weeks / Spacing: 15 cm

Basil seedlings - 15 days old

Basil seedlings - 30 days old

Sowing indoors: Jan 22 / Mar 15 / May 1
Prepare the module tray cells with lots of vermiculite or perlite (30-50%) to help avoiding root rots. Place a pinch of seeds in each cell (aim for anywhere between 10 and 20 seeds).
Germination is slow but within 45 days the plants should be big enough to be repotted into small individual pots. It is possible that the first planting of the season might need to be harvested even before the plants are transplanted outdoors.
Planting outdoors (not hardy!): May 1 / Jun 8 / Jul 1
When harvesting basil you want to look for the two largest leaves on a stem, just below those you should see another set of leaves or little knobs (nodes) that are growing in between the stem smaller set of leaves. Cut the stem 1/4-1/2" above the nodes. Repeat this with all the larger leaves on your plants 
When you've harvested the majority of the plant, look around for other large leaves that are ready to be used and trim those as well. Don’t cut off the leaves closest to the bottom of the plant, as it needs a steady base. 
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